Saturday, March 19, 2011

About Me

Bienvenido. Bienvenue. Youkoso 

Hi there and welcome to my blog, which serves as my free website :)
Please feel free to email me at

So, who am I? What am I in to? What are my talents? If you're reading this website you're probably my friend so you probably already know, but in case you're new... here's me in a nutshell. 

I love languages, travel and learning about other cultures and ways of living. I'm especially interested in sustainable living and spiritual healing. I live in Midland, Ontario since Oct 2009 and am involved in community gardening, Transition Town Huronia and the local music scene. I have lived in Spain and Japan teaching English, French and Spanish. Now it's time to teach in Canada :)

2012...A focus on cooperation, unity, balance and spiritual energy. Are you in flow?

I love to talk. I always have lots of ideas. I love being creative. I sing, write songs, make crafts, knit, crochet, dance for fun, etc... 
I haven't birthed any children but have cared for many. And my relationship status... his name is Tobey :) 

Check out my youtube channel at lalajanewilson :) It's nothing fancy but I think you'll like it :)